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Unlimited web hosting including everything!

Special offer now from only $1.25/mo!

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Our Web Hosting Plans offer:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting !
  • Unlimited E-mails & MySQL Databases !
  • Free Cpanel and Softaculous!
  • Free Private SSL Certificate ! !
  • Free 24/7 Monitoring and Support !
  • Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup !
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee !

Hosting Features

register your domain name


You could have unlimited parked, add on or subdomains according to the unlimited web hosting plan you own. All domain types are working with our servers International, domestic or special domain types. We could register for you any domain type you want and also add domain privacy by masking your personal information associated with your domain name, if you want it.

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Unlimited e-mails with your web hosting


Unlimited e-mail accounts included with all hosting plans. Unlimited e-mail forwarding to any e-mail account, spam protection, mailing lists and many more. Also 3 types of webmail applications connected with your account. make possible to read, reply and manage e-mails from any available device and place. Secure POP3 and IMAP support, third-party client compatibility and unique user account controls.

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Daily, weekly, Monthly backup free


We backup your data. Your data is crucial. We backup your data every day and there are at least 3 backups that we can use to restore your data Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backup. No more worries if for any reason your site disappear and you can not restore it,  even if you yourself accidentally erase your own site we restore it for free from the latest backup ! Unbelievable giganetwebhosting security for free!

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Hosting Features 2

Cpanel unlimited web hosting


cPanel is the #1 used control panel in the world. If it was not the best we wouldn't be using it. All special tools that make it easier to manage your websites, domains, emails, files, and more, all from one central location. You can install WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, MAGENTO, PHPBB, E-SHOPS AND 1000 more with 1 CLICK install!!  The installation procedure takes only seconds and can be performed easy by anyone without special knowledge.

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Advanced Features


Advanced capabilities for all hosting plans, Secure Shell (SSH) access, log file access and web-based managers for files, databases and email. Customize your own .htaccess files, cron jobs and php.ini files, also CGI, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, HTMLscript SERVER SIDE INCLUDES, PGP, PHP, FLASH, SHOCKWAVE, XSLT, XML, POSIX, PCRE, GMP, IMAP, GDLIB, EXIF, DBASE, CURL, BCMATH, ZLIB, ZEND OPTIMIZER, and many more...

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SSL certificate for secure https


to secure customer data and increase search rankings. SSL  is the standard security technology that ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Google and other search engines announced that sites that use SSL certs get a bonus to increase search rankings, so every site needs an SSL cert and we give it to you FREE with our SSL plans.

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free website builderSitePad Website Builder - FREE WITH ALL HOSTING PLANS

Simple, powerful web design tool - free!

Create your own professional looking website in minutes.  SitePad is our new online site builder, and it is easy to use yet powerful enough to create a great looking website without any previous experience.
SitePad website builder is an advanced web site builder that is so easy to use - anybody can make a professional grade web site now in just 5 minutes!

Build Professional websites using an Easy to Use Editor.

  • One Click Publish
  • 278 Professional Themes!
  • 40+ Awesome Widgets !
  • Responsive !
  • Static Pages !
  • Easy to Use !


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wordpressWordpress Hosting

Wordpress is the #1 used application for design and manage Blogs and Websites.

We love wordpress and our servers are running perfect this program with many many clients that use it.

Wordpress is the most popular building site software. Is used for most blog sites but for other types of sites as well.
Propably 9 out of 10 blog sites are built using wordpress.

So I ask you. How would you like to create, design and launch your own WordPress blog in 30 minutes of your time? Think is impossible. We at giganetwebhosting make the impossible possible! We’ll cover everything from buying a domain name and hosting to installing WordPress and finding a visual design for the site.

For the first timers we have a tutorial that makes everything simple ane easy.

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Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, PHPBB Hosting
and more...

Create your web site with all popular Web Content Software.

We provide all with just 1 click installation using the best auto installer Softaculous.

View the following video tutorials and find out how easy it is to install any software you want to use for your site with 1 CLICK!! Free with all our web hosting plans.

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eshopecommercemagentoshopping cart application

E-commerce Web Hosting

Your online shop ready to go, installed in 1 minute using our auto installer.

We support all the best e-commerce applications for AUTO installing. Of course our servers can support also any other application that you want to manually install.

Click to check  all the e-commerce carts and applications we support with 1 click installation.

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Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Anytime Money back guarantee

Giganetwebhosting.com offers a 'No Questions Asked' Anytime money back guarantee with all hosting plans. If you decide to cancel your account at anytime Giganet web hosting will refund you for the remainder of your term, excluding domain registration fees, for which we incur a cost. It's like a warranty that never expires! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're confident that you'll be pleased with our services. It is valid for static, dynamic, multiple ssl plans, wordpress plans, Joomla and reseller plans.

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24/7 Server Security & Monitoring

Top Server security

Our servers have special security applications that ensure a secure and reliable hosting environment. Our 24/7 network monitoring ensures that, if an issue does arise, we address it immediately. We provide many additional services and modifications to the default Operating System and control panel installation which greatly enhances the security, reliability, and compatibility of our servers and software.

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Low Price Lifetime Guarantee

Low Price Lifetime Guarantee

We offer you a price guarantee for any future account renewals. We guarantee that your renewal price will be the same or less. Don't fall for the high discount bargains which are offered by most hosting providers. Read the fine print and note that the initial discounted price is usually 50-90% lower than the standard price at which you will be FORCED to renew! It is valid for our web hosting prices excluding price inceases from third parties like software, cpanel, electricity, Ips, lines, domain registries etc.

100's Apps with 1 click Installation

Sofatculous unlimited web hosting

Cheap unlimited web hosting including everything!

Datacenter Features

Highest Quality Secure & Fast Data Center

WE BACKUP YOUR DATATop web hosting services

Your data is crucial. We backup your data every day and there are 3 backups that we can use to restore your data Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backup.

Server Security & Protection

This initial setup option of our security system provides many additional services and modifications to the default Operating System and control panel installation which greatly enhances the security, reliability, and compatibility of your server and software including 

  • Firewall Protection
  • Brute Force Detection and Evasion
  • Apache Dos Prevention/Protection
  • E-Mail Virus Filtering

Monitoring 24 hours per day

Monitoring is a company division exclusively focusing at service reliability and prompt incident resolution. The Monitoring team uses an advanced set of proprietary system health and service monitoring tools to constantly monitor and verify your server's optimal performance and detect immediately any possible problems. When an issue is identified, our Monitoring Team acts fast, reducing downtime and repairing any problems, in most cases before the client sites have any impact.

The Monitoring service focuses on prevention of service interruptions, software, hardware or network-related. With the most service failures being prevented before occurrence, and nearly all remaining service failures being corrected within minutes, the monitor team has enabled us to provide the industry's leading 30 minute hardware replacement!

On-site Monitoring

  • System & Server Level Monitoring
  • Proactive Patch management
  • Robust Network Monitoring

System Restoration

  • Pro-active System Restoration
  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement SLA

Monitored Services

  • cPanel
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • DNS
  • Ping
  • SSH
  • FTP
  • POP3
  • RDP
  • MySQL
Fast and Reliable Secure servers

Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth

Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance is our top priority. We have selected premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet. We are proud to feature direct connectivity with Cogent, Level3, Verizon, and Comcast. Our aggregate connectivity reaches an astounding 8,500+ networks just a single network away from our uplinks.

Network Gear

  • Redundant Fiber Entrance Expandable to 1,840 Gigabits Per Second
  • Multiple Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links to Data Center 1 and Data Center 2
  • Fully Redundant Cisco 6509 Sup720 and Nexus 7000 Distribution Switches
  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links to Each Rack Switch
  • Cisco 4948 48-Port 10/100/1000 Rack Switches

Power Systems

Our power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. From multiple uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with redundant battery cabinets, to Liebert Precision and Eaton Power distribution units that handle final power transformation and distribution to racks, we ensure clean and consistent power to our data center equipment. Additionally, each facility has multiple emergency generators waiting on standby.


Environmental processing systems include redundant Liebert Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units. Temperature and humidity are precisely regulated year round to ensure optimal equipment reliability. Each unit contains independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. Air filtration systems actively remove foreign particles from circulation and cycle the entire data center air supply in a matter of minutes.

Security On-Site

Data center access is strictly limited to technical staff. Specialized electronic security systems control access to the data center and are accompanied by a full complement of motion detecting security cameras which monitor the entire facility. Our data centers’ external walls are reinforced poured concrete and the building and grounds are patrolled regularly by an on-site security officer. In addition to an on-site security officer, our fully managed facilities have highly trained technicians on-site 24 hours a day, providing incredibly fast incident response times.


With a powerful network that includes an increasingly impressive list of peers and Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers, we have the infrastructure to accommodate clients that require consistent uptime. In addition to the peace of mind provided by our network, our US-Central data centers boast on-site security highlighted by motion-detecting CCTV security cameras monitoring the entirety of our the data centers, man traps, employee-only access, 24/7/365 manned security, the latest security system controls as well as reinforced poured concrete walls. Our power systems are built with extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. From redundant Uninterruptible Power Supplies, to automation at all levels of transfer to our multiple N+1 Generac diesel generators, we have back-up power available at all levels for any possible scenario. Temperature and humidity are precisely regulated, year-round, to ensure optimal equipment reliability. Each cooling unit contains independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. Air filtration systems actively remove foreign particles from circulation and cycle the entire data center air supply in just a matter of minutes. These Data Center features make GiganetWebHosting a premium managed hosting option.